My Guardian Scholar Path

My Guardian Scholar Path


My name is Anais and I am a graduate of Battle Mountain High School. I took dual enrollment classes in high school and planned to continue taking classes at CMC upon graduation. However, I was one of the lucky chosen ones by the Guardian Scholars to attend Colorado Mesa University.  Thinking I would most likely major in business, I joined the Pro Start Management Team my senior year of high school (Pro Start is a culinary program). Most students did the cooking, however my team came up with a restaurant proposal. I personally had the most fun pricing the items on the menu. I knew I liked working with numbers so I thought, “I’ll declare a business degree with a concentration in either accounting or finance.” So after graduating high school I asked Mark to help me find a job at an office. He did, and that summer I worked at Shaeffer Hyde Construction under the direction of the Controller of the company. She introduced me to the world of accounting and I loved reconciling petty cash. I declared my major in Accounting. Sophomore year of college I asked Heidi Wagonner at CMU to help me find an accounting/finance related job on campus. I soon started working for the Financial Counseling Office. Although it is not an accounting-specific job, I work with a lot of spreadsheets and numbers and it looks great on my resume!


This summer, after working for two years at Shaeffer Hyde during school breaks, I decided I wanted to work at an accounting firm. Sue and Julie reached out to their contacts and my supervisor at Shaeffer reached out to hers, and I am now interning at an auditing firm, McMahan and Associates.  There, I am learning the process of an audit. I have been involved mainly with the planning and fieldwork stages of an audit and yes, I get to dress up and go out to the field to the client! Some of my responsibilities include pulling reports from Quickbooks, importing trial balances and budgets, testing cash, accounts receivable and accounts payable. I have also worked on a few 1120H tax returns. Overall, I am having a great learning experience! I am currently working towards an MBA and a Bachelor’s in Public Accounting. As you may have noticed from my experience, connections are so important. Guardian Scholars is an amazing program because we don’t only receive financial aid but also support in all aspects of our lives. Whether it is helping you find a job, editing your resume, or mock interviewing you to prepare you for the real interview, I cannot emphasize enough how big of an impact this family makes in helping you reach your dreams. My advice to the Scholars, is to take every opportunity that the scholarship program offers — go to the budget workshops, go to Heidi’s financial aid workshop, visit Fran. You have no idea how lucky we are. Many students at Mesa receive financial aid but not many receive the constant support that we do! To me the Guardian Scholarship has meant countless door openings and I am so grateful to every one of you for making our dreams possible.

-Anais, Colorado Mesa University, BS/MBA Candidate, Class of 2019

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