Our Family


Julie Papa Keith, M.A., Guardian Scholars Executive Director
Bratzo Horruitiner, Mentor
Fran Morales, Mentor
Mariana Loera, Program Coordinator


Our Partner Support

  • Colorado Mesa University
    Heidi Waggoner, Student Success Coach


  • Colorado Mountain College
    Kearstin Cameron, Student Support Services Coordinator
    Kathy Desportes, CMC Foundation Scholarship Coordinator


  • Keller & Associates
    Karen Mendoza and Sallie Dean, Accounting


  • Wear Travers Perkins, LLC
    Greg Perkins, J.D., Legal Counsel


Board of Governors

Ron Davis, President
Don Remey, Vice President, Treasurer
Jeanne Gustafson, Vice President, Secretary
Barbie Allen
Fatima Blanco
Lucy Davis
Susie Davis
Tina Fleishman
Erik Garcia
Bob Gwyn
Karen Johnson

Larry Roush
Sue Rushmore
Lisa Schanzer


Guardian Angels

Guardian Angels are program donors who give generously of their time, talent and treasure in support of student Scholars’ efforts to achieve an undergraduate college or university degree. Opportunities exist for Angels to provide mentoring, life skills guidance and career counseling, as well as to host special events for the Guardian Scholars family, but most importantly, to offer encouragement to Scholars that their Dreams Can Come True.


The Partner College/University

The President and the Leadership Teams at our partner institutions, Colorado Mesa University and Colorado Mountain College, are committed to the vision and mission of Guardian Scholars. They understand the unique needs and challenges of student Scholars, and work diligently to make the Program a success. We deeply value and rely on the high priority that both CMU and CMC have afforded Guardian Scholars, generously contributing financial, academic and staff resources and expertise to the benefit of Guardian Scholars.