“My success has been possible due to the generosity of the Guardian Angels who have supported each of us through the Guardian Scholarship. We are all very lucky to be part of this family. I feel secure and know that as long as I keep working hard, I will never fail. This scholarship is providing all of us with a huge opportunity to succeed and beat the odds.” – Anais

I am really lucky to have this scholarship in my life; it has been my biggest accomplishment. I would like to thank all of the Guardian Angels for this incredible opportunity. Especially Mark and Ron, who are incredible people and have always been there for me. This Guardian Scholarship means more to me than a grant or payment towards my education. It is something special like a family, not only because they have been my mentors and coaches, but also because it has supported me with health issues. I would like to thank again all of the wonderful people who are supporting me.” – David

I will be a Senior next fall and am hoping to graduate with my Bachelor’s degree in Construction Management with a Minor in Business Administration. I am really excited too for this final year of hard work and dedication to fully be completed. Nothing that I have reached and will accomplish at CMU would have been possible without each and every single one of you Angels that have supported me throughout these past three years. Thank you very much, and God bless every single one of you for all you have done.” – Diego

I am so excited to go back to school. I met amazing people and the environment was joyful. I couldn’t have done it without all the kind individuals who supported me this year. One very important thing I learned is, we really are a family. When people think about scholarships they say,” I’m getting my school paid for.” But I tell them my scholarship is special and one of a kind. Yes, we don’t have to worry about the financial part of college, but the best part is we have people to support us emotionally because we are a family. Thank you to Fran, Heidi, and Julie for being there when I was having roommate problems or freaking out about my grades. Thank you, Ron. Thank you, Sue, for helping me find a job this summer. Thank you Mike for sitting with me and turning my F- resume into a passing resume. 🙂 Thank you all my guardian angels. This wouldn’t be possible without you.” – Jennifer

One of the major things I have learned while attending CMC this year is time management. I had to learn to balance everything in my life. From classes, to family, to friends. I had to make time for all of it while making time for myself. I also learned that asking for help is okay! I like to do things on my own, so when it comes to asking for help, I am a bit hesitant. The Guardian Scholars is definitely more than a scholarship, it is my second family, supporting me and helping me in any way possible. If I had never opened up and asked for help, I would not be where I am today. I am forever grateful for all the help that I received from the Guardian family.” – Pam

Most of my academic goals have been accomplished, but I still have one left. I will graduate in May 2017 with a degree in Business with a concentration in Hospitality. I plan to finish next year and give back to the community that has helped me a substantial amount throughout my life.” – Roberto

This scholarship has been a blessing to me! I love everyone and all the support they give me. I would not be where I am today without all of this support — not only financially, but the encouragement to do better. The Guardian Scholarship is truly more than just a scholarship, it is a family. That is what I love the most!” – Viviana