Our Team

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BOARD OF Directors

  • Ron Davis
  • Don Remey
  • Jeanne Gustafson
  • Barbie Allen
  • Fatima Blanco
  • Tina Fleishman
  • Erik Garcia
  • Bob Gwyn
  • Karen Johnson
  • Larry Roush
  • Sue Rushmore
  • Lisa Schanzer
  • Wendy Rudolph
  • Dr. Bill Sterett


Guardian Angels are donors who give generously  to support student scholars. Angels provide large doses of encouragement, as scholars navigate their college experience and professional path.

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Bratzo Horruitiner

Special Advisor (volunteer)


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Mariana Loera

Program Coordinator



Susie Davis

Executive Director




- Mack Lewis Guardian Scholarship Cohort Coordinator

- Sarah Hogue, Guardian Scholar Financial Aid, CM

- Lisa Isom, Development Officer, CMC Foundation Edwards Campus

-  Kathy Desportes CMC Foundation Scholarship Coordinator

The President and the Leadership Teams at our partner institutions, Colorado Mesa University and Colorado Mountain College, are committed to the vision and mission of Guardian Scholars. They understand the unique needs and challenges of student Scholars, and work diligently to make the Program a success. We deeply value and rely on the high priority that both CMU and CMC have afforded Guardian Scholars, generously contributing financial, academic and staff resources and expertise to the benefit of Guardian Scholars.

Karen Mendoza, CPA

Greg Perkins, Esq